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Customer Reviews

Paulette Morin
How wonderful to get PC tuned from a team that really knows their business. I was really in a bind and had no answers on how to repair numerous problems. Sawan was unbelievable in working out all of the issues, He stayed on the line for several hours and was extremely professional, not only he fixed the problem but was explaining every step he was taking.
Today after working with him i can say I KNOW MY COMPUTER A LOT NOW....... That doesn't happen often!!! Kudos to them and their TEAM!!!!!!

Phil Rizzo
I approve the 6 month subscription with Tezcom Pc Care. I am very happy I called Tezcom Pc Care. They are incredible on every level of helping people with computer problems. I will always call them for any problems I have. Thank you guys again so much, and when you call me back and im not home use my cell phone number .
Thank you again,
John Mc Murray
Sawan has been a tremendous help in getting my desktop and my laptop working to its potential and with the security that I need. Very pleasant and great to deal with.

Elliott Bucholtz
Your help desk helped get my computer back on line. They were very helpful and I appreciate their time.

Gary L. Aschenbach
To whom it may concern:
Today is the first experience I have had with Tezcom Pc Care and had my usual doubts of them. Unquestionably they have been great. They immediately worked on my computer for at least a couple of hrs. clearing it of cookies and other programs that made it noticeably faster. Looking forward to further working with them with a maintenance program.

Mudassar Chaudry
I Mudassar Chaudry will give Tezcom Pc Care and 100% positive feed back for providing and excellent support for my dell computer software and also making me aware about my warrenty on it. Mr. Aggarwal has done a fantastic job.

Owen Boswell
My computer is fixed . You did a wounderful job my computer is fixed . Thanks for everything . owen boswell

The computer is fixed . Avg is wokring fine . good job . I will call back if i need any help . Don l files

Nina Saarikko
My computer is all good . Thank you. I think Pragya was good and fixed all the problems . I am happy now . Nina saarikko

Zeze Aiyash
thank you so much for ending all of my problems with my computer. its just like new and the tech was great i will recommend you guys for sure.

Mark Lauters
Very helpful and quick. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for your help

Ilene Stinar
Thanks for spending so mich timee to fix my computer. I am looking forward to havi g a comoputer that works. Than ks again, Ilene Stinar

Carolyn Prentice
Sawan thank you for being so patient and friendly. You overcame any objections I had with your gentle persistence. Hope you enjoy New York!

Security For My Pc By Tezcom Pc Care

PC Security is offered by TEZCOM PC Care for all of your computer woes and worries. Keeping you safe from viruses, spyware, hackers and possible identity theft are all part of TEZCOM PC Care services. PC protection will keep you safe and secure while online without the worry of intruders invading your personal computer. . A computer tune up can be the best solution for your PC’s tardiness. Enjoy your system to the fullest with TEZCOM Pc Care.

We Resolve every slow pc issues that arise in your daily personal and professional life. We are just a phone call away to provide the best technical assistance. Call our Toll Free 1-855-229-2046 24/7.

PC Security when you want.

Some of the situations we cover include :
  • How can I clean out viruses and spyware?
  • How do I know if I have a virus on my computer?
  • I need identity theft protection
  • I need to protect my personal information
  • How do I know if my info has been stolen?
  • I need protect from hackers
  • I need to protect my PC from all threats
  • How do I get rid of a virus?
  • How can I block viruses from entering my system?
  • I need a firewall
  • How do I use parental controls?
  • I need to protect my files
  • How do I set up internet protection from dangerous sites?
  • How do I know when I need protection?
  • Can I protect my emails accounts?
  • Are my online accounts in jeopardy of being hacked?
  • I need to lock my wireless network
  • What is the best protection for my system?
  • Is my personal information safe on my computer?
  • How do I prevent hackers from stealing my info?

Call us at 1-855-229-2046 We are eager to provide you comprehensive optimization & tuning service for Your Computer.
  • Free Problem Diagnostic
  • Secure Remote Access
  • No Risk Guarantee (Your problem solved or your money back)
  • We are available 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Instant 24/7 Support
  • Live Chat
  • Instant Access to a TEZCOM Pc Care Expert

TEZCOM Pc Care provides 24x7 support service. Our technicians are well trained to identify and sort out your Computer related issues within minimum possible time.